Solar Home Systems

The Solar Home System is an innovative product providing solar electricity for lighting in a house and charging small electronics like cell phones. The system costs less than what rural households are currently spending on candles, paraffin, dry cell batteries and fees for charging cell phones.

RECAPO Home Solar Systems Project is supported by USADF, World Bank Climate Change Practice and Ministry of Energy in Malawi.

Indigo Solar Home System was first rolled out in Kenya in 2011 and has since been made available in Zambia, Malawi, South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

How It Works

  1. Activate system using a weekly scratch card.
    Your purchase comes with 80 cards.
  2. Top-up code received via a mobile phone.
  3. Enter the number in Indigo unit.
  4. Turn on! Power for one week.

After 80 cards the system is fully activated! Free electricity

Advantages of Solar Home System

  1. Saves money. More than MK2,000 /month/house
  2. More productive time for businesses
  3. No more walking distances to charge cell phones
  4. Brighter lighting
  5. More time to study at night
  6. No toxic fumes from nyali
  7. Aspirational! Sophisticated homes!
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